Open Sewing Workshop Saturdays


The Common Thread hosts an open sewing workshop every Saturday                        from 11am to 6pm.

Participation in the workshop is 10$/hr or 45$/day. 

The studio space, tools, and machines are available for public use, to work on your own sewing projects. Two artisan members of the Common Thread are present during every workshop to give assistance with your project and answer any sewing questions you may have.

The workshops are drop-in, no registration is required. If you foresee requiring a lot of assistance with your project, or have a long project to work on, we recommend coming at the beginning of the workshop.

No previous sewing experience is required to participate. However, the workshops are self-guided, so if you have no sewing experience and would like to learn the basics, we suggest you bring a simple sewing project to begin learning with. Need some ideas? You can find several good beginner sewing projects at:

We also have an extensive library of commercial sewing patterns that you can use to begin a sewing project. 

Materials available for purchase

Although many choose to bring their own materials for their project, we also have a large collection of fabrics, trims, and notions available for purchase at the Common Thread. You will find a variety of wovens, knits, faux-fur, leather, and fur available for a by-donation contribution. We suggest a contribution of 2-5$/m for most fabrics and trims. We also carry pattern paper, snaps, eyelets, velcro, elastic, fusing, lacing, zippers, and other trims.


Machines and tools 

The Common Thread is an industrially-equipped sewing studio. During Saturday workshops you will have access to 5 pattern tables, male and female mannequins, all necessary small handtools, rivet/snap/eyelet presses, and a variety of industrial and domestic machines that are useful for different types of sewing projects.

During the workshops you will have access to the following machines:

Domestic machines: Regular sewing machine (4), Overlock

Industrial machines: Staight stitch (2), Overlock (2), Zig Zag, Coverstitch, Walking-foot(2), Roller-foot post-bed, Skiver, Patcher

The studio is also equipped with a belt-sander, dremel, drills, saws, soldering iron, and some other miscellaneous tools.